Renting Lights – How it Works

Ready to start Renting Lights?  Using our Rental Assistance page,  easily determine how many Christmas lights, garland and accessories you need. It has never been easier to simplify your Holidays.

Rental Assistance Page

First of all determine what your design will require. Most noteworthy our Rental Assistance page will calculate how many strands of lights based on the quantity and size of any project. Most of all renting lights has never been so easy!

Why Renting Lights is the Smarter Option

Purchasing 20 strands of comparable lights would cost $500 plus the need to find storage in your home…

Therefore renting 20 strands of our premium commercial grade lights that are mailed direct to your door only cost $70.00, plus no storage needed!

Finally, due to that yearly cost and space savings, renting lights four years in row with a better product is guaranteed to work and provides the flexibility to change your design each year.


First of all you unboxed and set up the lights.  Once they are lighted,  your friends and neighbors will be in awe of your lights. Also, we don’t just send premium high quality lights, we make memories.


All of the items will be shipped direct for up to 3 months of use. To return the lights and other decorations, finally place them all back in the boxes in which they arrived.  Most of all use the return pre paid shipping label provided. It’s that simple – no more storage or replacing unlit strands.

Dedication to Quality

Most of all Rent the Holidays has only the highest quality commercial-grade Christmas lights. Most noteworthy LED lights will save money and energy rather than the out-of-date incandescent lights.  The watertight seal will keep out the rain and snow the entire rental period.