How to Install

With our instructions below, you will be provided with the basics to making your home look like it was done by the professionals!


For bushes/evergreens, utilize the mini lights.  Start at the base of the bush/evergreen placing the lights on the branches so they don’t dangle.  Continue in a circular fashion around the bush/evergreen keeping the lights wire about 6” apart from the previous wrap.  The goal is at night not to be able to tell which way the lights were wrapped.


For trees, utilize the mini lights. Start at the bottom of the trunk and wrap the lights approximately 3” apart all the way up to the trunk. Once at the canopy, place the lights on the branches so they don’t dangle. Continue in a circular fashion around the tree keeping the lights wire about 6-12” apart from the previous wrap.


Start in one corner of the house.  Attach the clips to the lights then secure them over the gutter or under the shingle.  Pull the bulbs taut from one end to the other ensuring spacing is approximately the same.  Keep all bulbs and male/female connections out of the gutter to minimize the chance of water collection.


Ensure you have one or two(preferred) properly secured nails, screws or anchors to attach to.  Utilize steel wire attached to the ‘10’ and ‘2’ positions on the back of the wreath (like a steering wheel), connecting each to its own nail, screw or anchor.  Adjust length of the steel wire as needed to center.  Attach the bow in the top center of the wreath and plug the wreath in.


To hang garland around your door, ensure you have a properly secured nail, screw or anchor above each corner of the door(a double door may require a 3rd connection point in the middle) about 12” above the door.  Connect all the garland pieces together and find the center of the entire length.  Place the center of the garland over the center of the door, connecting the garland to the nail or screw with steel wire in each corner.  If the garland is too long at the bottom, fold the extra length behind and secure it together.  The garland will need to be ‘fluffed’ to ensure even distribution.  Attach the bows in each corner and plug in the garland.

Professional look, DIY budget