Yes, we use only the highest quality commercial-grade lights. You will never find our product on the shelves of your local hardware store. Our LED lights will save you money and energy in place of the out-of-date incandescent lights still used by other companies, and the watertight seal will keep out the rain and snow all winter long.

Yes, all our products are made to be used indoors or out!

Please contact us and we will help you get the find the right product.

Let us know how many are not working and we will send you replacements at no additional cost.

LED lights allow a lot of flexibility. You can safely connect up to (40) LED mini light strands together without having to go back to the power source or the extension cord. You can also safely connect up to 500’ of C7 or C9 lights in a row without going back to the power source or the extension cord.

With LED lights, you will typically have the capability of plugging in a large quantity of lights, but it all depends on the receptacle’s circuit breaker or fuse size. Typically, a home has either 15 amp or 20 amp receptacles/circuits. Our LED mini lights are 0.04 Amps per strand and our C7/C9 lights use 0.18 Amps per 25’, so you are typically able to install a large quantity of lights. If you are concerned about overloading we suggest you contact a qualified electrician to verify your capacity.

Let us know! We will send you replacements at no additional cost if the damage isn’t due to animals or vandalism. You will return the broken strands with the rest of your rental at the end of the season to verify the cause.

You have 3 Months of rental from the time we ship them out. If you would like to buy more time we have that option available to add additional months to your rental.

The lights and cords shall be neatly wrapped. If the materials are returned not in working order due to abnormal wear you will be charged full retail price for the product.

You can use the box they came in. We will send a return label when you are ready to return the lights.

Professional Grade Products

Guaranteed to work

No Commitments

Get the right amount the first time

Awe Inspiring Lights

No Hassle Return

Professional look, DIY budget